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Why Should People with Sensitive Skin Prefer Green Cleaning?

Cleaning can often be a problem for those with sensitive and allergic skin. Chemicals found in traditional cleaning products may cause severe skin, eye, nose or throat irritation or an allergic reaction. Using harmful chemicals was considered as the only option to maintain good hygiene before. It is now known that environmentally friendly alternatives also show high performance. The contradiction in using hazardous materials to make our homes hygienic and safe is now understood. In fact, many of the traditional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that cause great harm when swallowed, touched or even inhaled.

It is known that products which have synthetic fragrance and dye cause skin reactions. Generally, products which are biodegradable, and which have plant-based ingredients and natural fragrances do not cause these problems for those with sensitive skin. U Green Clean products specially developed for those with sensitive skin, do not expose your skin to chemicals. With their 100 % organic, vegan and natural content, these products protect your skin and keep it healthy.

Nowadays, use of chemicals in cleaning is being questioned, and a trend towards natural, plant-based ingredients started. The fact that more consumers now prefer products with natural content indicates the gradual improvement of environmental awareness. This is due to the fact that most of the aforementioned hazardous chemicals are not only a potential danger to human health, but also to the environment.