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Q: What Kind of Products Does U Green Clean Have?

U Green Clean products can be grouped into 5 categories namely, Laundry, Dishwashing, General Cleaning, Baby and Sensitive. Laundry products consist of detergent, softener, bleach; dishwashing products consist of detergent, natural salt and rinse aid. General Cleaning products include kitchen and bathroom cleaning products as multi-purpose cleaners. Baby products are compatible with serve for the various needs of babies. U Green Clean Baby products cleans baby clothes deeply, compatible with delicate baby skin, provides high performance cleaning for baby accessories such as baby bottles and pacifier. U Green Clean Sensitive products are specially developed for people with sensitive skin.

Q: What Certifications Does U Green Clean Have?

U Green Clean products meet international quality standards and have EcoGarantie, Vegan, Dermatology, Ecolabel, Allergy-Certified and Halal certificates.

Q: How does U Green Clean Protect the Nature?

U Green Clean makes environmentally conscious choices from its plant-based ingredients to sustainable packaging. We work towards minimizing our carbon footprint by using biodegradable ingredients in our formula and recycled materials in our packaging. We avoid harmful chemicals such as SLS, paraben, phosphate etc. You can visit our Environmental Policy page to get more detailed information about our environmental values.

Q: Are U Green Clean Products Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

U Green Clean Sensitive products are specially developed for individuals with sensitive skin.

Q: What does recycled packaging mean?

U Green Clean reduces waste footprint by using recycled materials in packaging. U Green Clean packages are made from post-consumer recycled plastics which are existing PET bottles and other plastics.

Q: Are U Green Clean Products Vegan?

U Green Clean supports environmentally sustainable and animal-friendly production systems. All U Green Clean products are registered as vegan products by The Vegan Society. The Vegan Trademark guarantees that the products are free from animal ingredients and testing.

Q: What is EcoGarantie Certificate?

Ecogarantie label guarantees that products are safe for consumers, animals and the environment. Transparent production processes, ethical sourcing of the ingredients are ensured by this public label. U Green Clean products are Ecogarantie certified as they meet the required safety, ecological and ethical standards.

Q: What is Allergy-Certified?

Allergy Certificate is an international certificate stating that consumers from all over the world can safely use the product to prevent skin allergies. Products with Allergy-Certified label doesn’t contain specific chemicals which cause skin irritations and are linked to cancer or reproductive harm.

Q: Are U Green Clean products 100% natural?

Yes, it is 100% natural. All of the substances that we use in U Green Clean products contain plan-based ingredients. We create our formulations with natural plant-based materials such as coconut oil, sugarcane orange seed oil. These raw materials are compatible with the skin, and softens the skin. The oils we use in our products are 100% organic certified.

Q: Why is there no expiration date on the packaging?

According to the regulation, there is no obligation to write the expiration date in detergents. That’s why we don’t write on the label. But the recommended consumption period is three years from the date of manufacture.

Q: Why does product solidification occur?

Since U Green Clean products are produced with plan-based materials, their physical state changes under 15 degrees. When the product is kept at room temperature, it returns to its normal state. However, the cleaning performance of the product never changes. Necessary information can be found on the U Green Clean product labels.

Q: Why does the color of the product change?

The color of the product may change since the ingredients are all natural.

Q: What is the difference between U Green Clean Baby and U Green Clean Standard products?

The most important difference between our standard products and our Baby series is that we use extra special ingredients for baby skins. These raw materials are lubricant and anti-allergic. Laundries washed with U Green Clean Baby detergent does not cause irritation. It is safe to use for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Q: What is the difference between your U Green Clean Standard and your U Green Clean Sensitive products.

The only difference is the scent. Our U Green Clean Standard products contain organic lavender and organic orange oils. Our consumers, who are extremely sensitive to some odors, can choose the products in our Sensitive group. Our products have been dermatologically tested and approved on people with sensitive skin in the EU.