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Environmental Policy

U Green Clean shares environmental responsibility with its employees, customers and community to support sustainable production methods, use natural resources efficiently, prevent negative impact on nature and treat nature with respect to maintain ecological balance. It integrates this understanding into its business model by making intentional choices to protect the nature.


The following values form the basis of our environmental policy:

Responsibility to leave a healthy planet for future generations

Awareness of using natural materials and other resources efficiently

Knowledge to maintain the life cycle

Common goal towards minimizing the negative effects of production on nature

Therefore, in cleaning product formulations;

Natural ingredients which are supplied ethically within the framework of international standards are used,

Plant based and organic ingredients are certified by EcoGarantie and Ecolabel

Chemicals that are harmful to human health and disrupt the ecological balance are not used,

Biodegradable substances are used,

Not tested on animals.

Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

If the resources are used correctly, organizations can reduce their environmental impact significantly. Accordingly, U Green Clean’s product packaging is made from recycled plastic. The use of recycled material prevents materials such as plastic and paper from turning into waste. Incorporating sustainable methods into the production process is a big step towards making the world a healthier and cleaner place for future generations.

Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Minimizing, reusing, recycling and disposing waste with appropriate methods,

Efficient use of our energy, raw materials and natural resources,

Preventing environmental pollution,

Avoiding workplace accidents by taking necessary precautions, aiming to achieve zero work accidents,

Abiding by legislative, legal obligations and all other conditions regarding Environment and Occupational Safety,

Preventing injury and deterioration, improving the environmental and occupational safety performance,

Producing innovative products with original designs that are environmentally friendly and safe to use.