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Quality Policy

Our Main Approach to Quality Policy:

We aim to produce eco-friendly cleaning & home care products which cannot be found in Turkey. Our purpose is to produce at the universal quality standards and to expand into global markets.

Our employees embrace our quality targets and show their best performance through sustainable training models. Therefore, we maintain sustainable and high quality production processes.

We constantly observe the quality indicators and analyze them correctly to take proactive steps in line with the analysis data. We succeed in achieving the goals and make it sustainable.

Within the framework of the Total Quality Management philosophy, which we have adopted over many years ago and developed over time, we work towards producing flawless products in an affordable price and high quality. Our quality approach complies with legal regulations, national and global standards, respects the environment, meets customer expectations and pays attention to consumer feedback.

We adopt Total Quality Management and fulfill all its requirements properly.

Our Approach to Total Quality Management with a focus on Environment, Consumers and Employees:

Total Quality Management addresses the development of human, business, product and service quality in a systematic approach. It is essential for all employees to participate, share same goals and have consensus. Total Quality Management aims not to make mistakes in the first place.

Another pillar of the Total Quality approach is sustainability. As U Green Clean, some of our basic approaches in the sustainability axis are as follows:


Gender equality, empowered women and girls.


Sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.


Economic, reliable, sustainable and modern energy use.


Sustainable consumption and production.


Post-consumer recycled plastic in packaging.


Complying with Occupational Health and Safety directives in a sincere, honest and effective manner.