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No harmful chemicals such as GMO, Paraben, Chlorine, SLES, SLS, Synthetic Perfume, Phosphate and Petrochemical derivatives. It is produced with eco-friendly sustainable production systems. Dermatologically tested and certified

  • All stages from the production of raw materials are ecologically certified.
  • This product is certified according to the strict guidelines of ECOGARANTIE® from the European Union.
  • Contains plant-based and natural raw materials.
  • Free of petrochemical ingredients and animal-based raw materials.
  • NOT contain harmful chemicals such as Chlorine, SLES, SLS, Paraben, Synthetic Perfume and Phosphate.
  • Product does not leave harmful residue.
  • All raw materials in its content are fully biodegradable.
  • Has an environment and skin friendly formulation.

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