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About Us

Uzay Kimya is now certified by ECOGARANTIE!

Another first from Uzay Kimya, an innovative company focused on household chemistry and cleaning products. U Green Clean products are registered with “ECO Garantie Certificate”, in which organic and natural raw materials are used.

Uzay Kimya has produced many innovative cleaning products for over 30 years. Since 2007, U Green Clean uses organic and natural ingredients in its products.


Our Commitment to Nature is Approved!

Uzay Kimya has been the first non-EU and Turkish company to receive “Eco Garantie” certificate, an internationally recognized document.

U Green Clean has been examined by several independent control institutions in the world within the framework of the conditions determined by manufacturers, consumers and various associations from different sectors.

Plant-based ingredients and eco-friendly production processes are among the criteria.

Uzay Kimya has been evaluated by the international audit firm Certysis. Considering that the European criteria are much stricter than the American criteria, Uzay Kimya has successfully passed this inspection. With its plant-based natural materials, Uzay Kimya has been awarded with Eco Garantie certificate.

We promise that we will produce the best products to improve the life standards of our consumers while respecting the environment.

Under the leadership of the company’s founder and MSc. chemical engineer Sevda Arikan, Uzay Kimya has developed cleaning products that weren’t produced in Turkey before and improved the life quality of its consumers. From 1983 to today, the firsts of Uzay Kimya are:

The first dishwasher cleaning kit,

The first furniture polish,

The first floor polish,

The first carpet shampoo,

The first wood cleaner,

The first dishwasher gel detergent,

The first stain remover wipe,

The first liquid laundry detergent,

The first eco-friendly cleaning products,

The first cleaning products special for babies.

Uzay Kimya has been competing with international companies over the years, has grown into a large company. Its special production brands such as Giz, Uzay, Benim and U Green Clean are found in organic markets as well as chain markets such as Migros, File, Metro, Carrefour.