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Practical Information in Bathroom Cleaning

There are areas in the houses where hygiene must be provided completely. Perhaps the most important of these areas is the kitchen and bathrooms. Some authorities have placed bathroom cleaning in a more important position than kitchen cleaning as the area where the human body is contacted. Bathroom culture in Western societies started with “Non-Flowing Water” which is an extremely critical mistake in hygiene. In contrast, it is seen that eastern societies adopted the concept of “Flowing Water” as it is today during the periods when civilization began to sprout.

Rather than the historical knowledge of bathroom cleaning, it is a fact that cleaning habits have changed, especially with the modern age. Today, each house has cleaning habits and different methods applied by people who use these areas. However, it is a fact that sometimes the word “stains that are never cleaned” is also a frequent saying. Therefore, some information can be critical in the cleaning process. If we briefly look at the practical methods that you can use for cleaning the bathroom;

  • To make the mirrors in the bathroom shine, you can squeeze the shaving foam into the mirror and rinse it with a damp cloth.
  • To eliminate the resulting water and soap residues, wiping the shower cabins with the laundry softener can be a solution.

With the latest technological developments, the role of chemicals in cleaning materials has increased. With chemicals getting into cleaning habits, perhaps the bathrooms were cleaned better, but the dangers were always ignored. Finally, with the awareness gained in the 21st century, the damage caused by cleaning products containing chemicals that come into contact with the skin could be discovered, and measures were taken, although it was a little late.

In addition to all this, consumers have started to change their natural cleaning habits with the participation of companies that produce cleaning materials from completely natural raw materials. Uzay Kimya has become one of the leading and best sellers of the market by producing 100% natural cleaning products with the U Green Clean brand.

U Green Clean Plant-Based Bathroom Cleaner is one of these natural products. With this product made in Turkey with Ecogarantie and Vegan certificate, it does not allow any residue while providing detailed cleaning in bathrooms.