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Virus Protection Methods in Offices

According to studies, people who work in offices are sick more often than people who work outside. Due to Covid-19, known as Corona Virus, which has affected the whole world, companies have offered their employees the opportunity to work from home permanently.

This was one of the actions taken to protect its employees from the virus and survive without downsizing. However, some jobs have to be performed in offices, which carries out some risks. To get rid of these risks, some actions and habits are now on the way to becoming a part of our lives.

Closing Mouth And Nose

First of all, every virus is first transmitted by particles from the human body. These particles are spread into the air faster than 100 km per hour during sneezing and coughing. It would not be wrong to say that viruses and bacteria can easily be transferred to people in areas like the office where there is no air or oxygen. For this reason, it is important for health to cover the mouth area with the elbow, especially during coughing and sneezing.

Avoiding Contact with Mouth, Nose, and Eyes

Viruses lose their effect outside the human body in a maximum of 3 hours. Most viruses can stay on surfaces for 8, maybe 12 hours, but after 3 hours, they are away from the effect that can make people sick. Viruses enter the human body through mucous membranes. These can be defined as membranes in the mouth, nose, and eyes. When you touch a newly infected surface and put your hand on the body’s mucous membranes’ parts, you invite the disease.

Washing Your Hands

The most known and effective way to protect against viruses is to destroy the bacteria on your hands with soap, that is, to wash your hands. However, according to research, viruses do not disappear with every soap contact. Although 60% of the viruses disappear after washing your hands for 10 seconds, the recommended hand washing time is 20 seconds to destroy 99% of the viruses.

Hands that need to be washed frequently also bring some dermatological problems. Because of the harmful chemicals found in most soaps, Irritation and itching are common ailments. U Green Clean Sensitive Plant-Based Liquid Soap helps you remove germs from your hands without killing good bacteria in your hands, even infrequent washes. Its 100% natural structure helps you always keep your hands clean without hurting them.