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U Green Clean in Consuption and Consumer Society

The world reminds us to focus on living simply rather than spending superfluously. As we turn into a consumer society, we prioritize popularity and slowly drift apart from the facts.

We must protect what we have and choose what is natural. Let’s think about all the closets we filled in with the hope of belonging to the popular culture. We always add new ones, say goodbye to the old ones. If we are bored, we might even let go of the ones not-so-old. If we are not aware of our consumption, we will lose what is natural. This is not only nature or natural resources, but also a loss of self. When we limit ourselves to certain criteria and hide behind what’s imposed on, we lose a part of ourselves.

We have to seek long-term solutions and try to follow with these solutions as life principles. Now we have to look inside ourselves, discover the power inside us, take a deep breath, and then thank the nature. Leaving a clean future will no longer be difficult.

While limiting our consumption preferences, we should control what we buy as well as consider our long-term consumption patterns to preserve what we have today. We should prioritize actions such as taking plastics to waste collection points, or choosing cleaning products with eco-friendly manufacturing systems for cleaning our house and clothes.

U Green Clean reduces waste footprint (carbon footprint) by using recycled materials in packaging. U Green Clean product packages are made of recycled PE (Polyethylene) and other plastics. Our products with natural raw materials and which do not leave any residue on machines, surfaces, and clothes reassure our customers. We also used certified organic essential oils because we care about human health and the atmospheric ozone.

Our company Uzay Kimya chose sustainable manufacturing practices and adopted the protection of human health and the environment as a principle from the start. With our products which bear the label Ecogarantie and Vegan, we love to meet with our conscious consumers and hope to leave a greener future.

Let’s not forget that our conscious choices provide permanent solutions for the world. Because Mother Nature treats us all equally.