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Pandemic and Natural Cleaning

The importance of cleanliness has increased one more time during these periods when we do not leave the house unless necessary to protect against coronavirus, which is effective worldwide. With our frequent cleanings, the issue of not affecting asthma or allergic people has become critical.

Why Natural Cleansing?

The Ministry of Health has issued a guide against the coronavirus and has talked about the cleaning and disinfection procedures’ details. It is often reported that bleaches should be used to ventilate the house and disinfect floors and walls before cleaning.

When selecting detergents, it is important to prefer natural raw materials and oils used products. Both the lack of smell and the lack of toxicity is important for asthma and allergic people at this stage.

Our U Green Clean Bleach products do not contain chlorine and are a candidate to be among the products you will use and trust most often in this process. Thanks to its plant-based formula, it effectively cleans and protects. Harmful chemicals such as GMO, Paraben, Chlorine, SLES, SLS, Synthetic Perfume, Phosphate, and Petrochemical derivatives are absolutely free and leave no residue.

Hand hygiene should be ensured frequently with house cleaning. Preferring vegetable oil-based liquid soaps is important because the good bacteria in our hands do not disappear and wear out. U Green Clean Liquid Soap does not dry your hands and removes germs no matter how often you wash them. Let’s not forget that the enemy of germs is well-washed hands.

Changing Consumer Habits

The preference for natural products, which we turn to while the risk of epidemics continues, signals a consumption preference change that will continue with the continuation of habits and awareness after the outbreak.