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Most Common Mistakes In Cleaning

One of our main tasks in life is to hygienize the environment we live in. Many details, such as using the technological tools we use correctly when cleaning or choosing the time of cleaning correctly, make your job easier.

Cleaning Considerations

  1. You may be filling the washing machine or dishwasher. However, this reduces the performance of your machine as it also shortens the life of your machine. Also, in the results, such as not cleaning the dishes lined up side by side, you may need to rerun the machine. It may expose you to extra costs in time, energy, and detergent usage.
  2. It is wrong to think that the more detergent you use, the more it will be cleaned. For economical use on sink dirt or oily surfaces in the kitchen, it will be enough to use the cleaners sufficiently.
  3. It is important not to skip cleaning materials such as cloths and brushes that you clean. Especially after cleaning your toilet, you can put the toilet brushes in U Green Clean Plant-Based Bleach for half an hour, getting rid of germs with an odorless cleaning.
  4. It is also known that using too much water is a must for cleanliness, but water is one of our most important natural resources. Therefore, preferring products that provide natural and residue-free cleaning makes your job easier, the Earth’s water does not decrease, and your water bill does not come high. For this, you should definitely take a look at U Green Clean products.
  5. Although it may seem to make your job easier to choose chemical products for stains, it can cause the surface and items to wear out and threaten your health due to its odor. It is a mistake to think that natural cleaning materials will have less effect on cleaning because they do not smell.
  6. Sunny days are expected for cleaning, especially for wiping the glass. However, the water particles in the glass you have cleaned dry quickly with the sun’s influence and cause stains on the glass. This requires you to clean it again. Therefore, it will be more appropriate to prefer cloudy weather.
  7. Although good results are sometimes obtained with the mixtures of cleaning materials, some mixes both bother you due to the odor they create, and their effects may not always give correct results.

Cleaning; also affects consumption in many areas such as energy, time, and cleaning products. It is essential to try to prefer products that do not harm our health and focus on environmental policies recycling without disturbing the natural balance of the world, that is, to make conscious product preferences with consumption awareness.

While cleaning our living spaces, we think that no one wants to pollute the environment or use products that have been tested on animals. While shopping, the certificates on the product labels give you all the information, you want. You will leave a clean soil to future generations with the short periods you will spare to research and examine. We think the world deserves it!