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Environmental Awareness in the World

The globalized world, the increasing speed of communication with technological developments, and the widespread popular culture have also increased the speed of purchase of the consumer society. The test of nature begins here.

Environmental pollution has been one of the most notable issues globally due to the pandemic period. Although awareness increases with the community and actions created for recycling movements, negative effects persist.
From many elements, opting for plastic lost in nature, recycling it, or not using it at all will have a huge impact, only to reduce the damage that plastic causes to nature. Since 2011, this movement has grown day by day worldwide and has become a conscious awareness considered in all areas.

A survey of 10,000 people over the age of 25 was conducted in July by organizers of the Plastic Free August movement, which began in America and prevented the use of plastic throughout August. In this study, 83% of the participants stated that they always had a plastic bottle in their house, and 43% maintained at least one straw. This is actually a real indication of how much plastics are involved in our lives.

When looking at positive social developments, it is necessary to say that environmental awareness is critical with millennials and that technological developments actually prevent some of the damages caused by them. For example, in the same research, the receipt of printed receipts was reduced by 76% due to atms’ “Keep the green from receipts” warnings. The proportion of the “I obtain my invoices from online” action, which can also be considered as a parallel development, was based on 64%.

It is a fact that plastics and paper are not lost in the natural environment for thousands of years. Although humanity knows all these negative effects, it does not pay attention to its preferences, and the speed of consumption has only one answer; “environmental awareness.”

The best legacy we can leave to the future must be a livable World. If you want to leave a mark on the earth, it should never be a waste footprint.

The cleaning materials we need in many areas are also an important threat. The use of cleaning products produced with chemicals causes serious damage to the world based on water sources and, as a matter of fact, water sources mixed with wastes such as health damages. As in all consumption areas, it is now elementary to find organic or natural products that adopt environmentally sensitive production systems in cleaning materials, use recycled packaging.

U Green Clean -a Uzay Kimya and Turkish Made brand- shares its responsibility to support sustainable production methods, use natural resources efficiently, prevent harmful effects on nature, and treat nature with its employees, customers, and community to maintain ecological balance. It integrates into the business model by adopting a sensitive attitude towards nature.