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Plant-Based Dishwasher Tablet

5 in 1
30 Pieces / 480 gr - 17 oz.

U Green Clean Plant-Based Dishwasher Tablet breaks down dried food residues and provides a perfect cleaning thanks to its plant-based formula free of Phosphate, GMO and Chlorine. It provides a clean and spotless rinse with its shine effect. Thanks to its salt effect, this dishwasher tablet protects your dishes against limewater and prevents limescale. It gives your dishes a bright and spotless appearance. For best results, use with U Green Clean Natural Salt for Dishwashing Machines and U Green Plant-Based Rinse Aid.
It does not contain harmful chemicals such as GMO, Paraben, Chlorine, SLES, SLS, Synthetic Fragrance, Phosphate and Petrochemical Derivatives.
It is produced with environmentally friendly and sustainable production systems.

  • Produced with plant-based and natural raw materials.
  • Free of Dyes, Petrochemical Ingredients and animal-based raw materials.
  • Does not leave harmful residue.
  • All raw materials in its content are fully biodegradable.
  • Has an environment and skin friendly formulation.

Remove the U Green Clean Plant-Based Dishwasher Tablet from its bag. Put it in your machine and wash. Store in a cool, dry place. All substances used in the formulation are biodegradable. Phosphate-free and harmful chemical-free. Free of Dyes, Petrochemical Ingredients and animal-based raw materials. Environmentally friendly. It does not leave harmful residue. It does not accumulate.
The packaging material is symbolized as PAP and can be recycled.


15-30 % Sodium carbonate, 5-15 % Oxygen-based bleach, <5 % Nonionic Active Surfactant, Perfume.


1. Cleaning: Thanks to the active enzymes in its new formula developed according to Turkish cuisine, it easily breaks dried and sticky food residues (such as rice, eggs, pasta, tomato paste, oil) and provides superior cleaning. It easily removes tea and coffee stains from your cups.

2. Polishing: Thanks to its superior polishing content, which is effective even in hard waters, it provides spotless rinsing on glass and shiny surfaces. It prevents the formation of limescale and water stains. It protects the patterns of your plates.

3. Protection: The special salt effect in this tablet protects your dishes and machine against Lime. It prevents lime accumulation. Use of salt is recommended when water hardness is high.

4. Glass and glass protection: Provides protection against wear caused by frequent washing in glassware. It ensures the bright looks of your glassware are kept intact.

5. Polishing Steel: It prevents water stains in kitchenware that may occur after washing. It provides dazzling cleaning without a need for scrubbing. It prevents your steel kitchen utensils from getting dull.