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Tips For Washing The Dishes in The Machine

It is very important that your dishes are machine washable. You can get a bright and spotless appearance by washing your dishes in the machine and getting high performance. At the same time, you should use a dishwasher to save water, money and time and to become practical in daily life.
Let’s see that how we can place more practically the dishes in the machine.

Before putting the dishes into the machine; Instead of pre-washing by hand, it is necessary to clean food residues with the help of a brush or sponge. Thus, along with saving water, you will prevent the filter of the dishwasher from clogging and extend the life of the machine. In addition, the components in the dishwasher detergent can provide the cleaning process more easily on dirty dishes that are free from residues.

What Should We Pay Attention To When Placing The Dishes In The Machine?

Although it sounds like a simple process, we can understand that it is not an operation that can be ignored when we consider the water filled state of the glasses placed in the machine incorrectly and the residues in the inner parts of the plates. This is why it plays an important role to do the correct positioning of the dishes so that the water and detergent are distributed homogeneously in the machine. When placing the dishes into the machine, you should start from the back; so you will not need to check the machine again when you start it.

To prevent the accumulation of dirty water in the dishes, you should arrange them at intervals and with the deep parts facing down. By placing the dishes in the machine steadily and not putting more or less dishes in capacity, you prevent them from hitting the propeller with the pressure of the water and breaking them. In terms of safety, it is useful to pay attention to the sharp parts at the bottom while arranging the dishes such as forks and knives in the basket.

While Emptying the Dishwasher:

Before unloading the dishes cleaned by washing, it is necessary to open the door of the machine and wait for the hot steam to dissipate. In the meantime, you should be careful that the steam does not come into contact with your sensitive skin such as face and hands in order to avoid health problems.

As the hot steam loses its effect in a short time like 10 minutes, the dishes become dry and ready for you to empty. It would be correct to remove and unload the delicate items in the upper or lower basket, starting from the front of the machine, as opposed to when placing them, in order to prevent them from bumping and breaking while removing glasses and plates. Then you can proceed to emptying the products such as pots and pans.

The Importance of Dishwashing Detergent Preferences

It is important that you choose chemical-free plant-based detergents to prevent limescale of the dishwasher. Since plant-based detergents are environment and skin friendly, they do not leave harmful residues on your dishes. At this point, we can recommend U Green Clean Plant-based Dishwasher Liquid Detergent or Tablet Detergent. In order to get rid of harmful residues in your machine and to prevent water stains on your dishes, we can also recommend you to use U Green Clean Plant-based Machine Salt and Rinse Aid together. In this way, you can contribute to yourself and nature for both sustainability and health in dishes.
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