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Plant-Based Softener

Organic Lavender Oil
1000 ml

U Green Clean Plant-Based Fabric Softener has an effective formula for smoother and softer fabrics. The product preserves original colors, protects your garment against damage from color bleeds, reduces wrinkles and facilitates ironing. Its formula is suitable for laundry of babies and people with sensitive skin, and is easy to rinse.

Free of harmful chemicals such as GMO, Paraben, Chlorine, SLES, SLS, Synthetic Fragrance, Phosphate and Petrochemical Derivatives.
Produced with environmentally friendly and sustainable production systems.
Dermatologically tested and certified.

  • All stages since the production of raw materials are ecologically certified.
  • This product is certified according to the strict guidelines of ECOGARANTIE from the European Union.
  • Produced with plant-based and natural raw materials.
  • Free of Dyes, Petrochemical Ingredients and animal-based raw materials.
  • Does not leave harmful residue.
  • All raw materials in its content are fully biodegradable.
  • Has an environment and skin friendly formulation.
Other Sizes: 5 lt2750 ml

Store above 15°C / 59°F. The product might solidify at a lower temperature, but would continue cleaning.

1 L (33 fl.oz) = 20 Washes


5-15% Organic citric acid, <5% Sugar Surfactant (Plant-based nonionic substance), Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Xanthan Gum, Water. Certified by Certisys.


Product color may vary due to natural, plant-based ingredients.

Read directions carefully. After washing your laundry, rinse with plenty of water. Avoid long term contact of the hands with the cleanser to protect the skin. Do not use for cleaning hand, face, body and food. Avoid storage near food. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of swallow or contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.